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Friday, September 4, 2009 2:48 pm

Who’ll stop the rain?

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You almost certainly have never heard of Bill Cahir.

You should:

On Saturday, millions watched as Ted Kennedy made his final trip to Arlington National Cemetery. With rather less attention, Arlington’s soil opened again Monday to accept the remains of one of Kennedy’s former aides, 40-year-old Bill Cahir.

The deceased, an Alexandria resident, was unknown to most Americans, but he did no less for his country than his old boss — and, gauged by the last full measure of devotion, he did even more. He went from his job working for Kennedy in the Senate to become, at various points, a Washington journalist and a failed congressional candidate. But it was the Sept. 11 attacks that inspired Cahir, at age 34, to get an age waiver from military recruiters in 2003 and enlist in the Marines.

That brave and fateful choice ultimately landed Sgt. Cahir on the horse-drawn caisson at Arlington on Monday, two weeks after he took a bullet to the neck while on patrol in Afghanistan. Cahir’s widow, pregnant with his twin daughters, accepted the folded flag from his casket.

The New York fire department, which suffered so horribly on 9/11, sent a delegation to the funeral.

(h/t: Jon)

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  1. I have followed 1/5 for over a year praying for the young men who my son is embedded with in 1/5 ..kowing they are his protectors. He sent pictures of Kahir’ memorial service being observed in the heat and on the sand of Afghanistan. Word received tell of sleeping in a castle looking at the stars as well as being thankful for the warmth of a sleeping bag on waking to the cool desert morning……listening to the doors squeak open and shut on the portable toilets and imagining it to be a a chair rocking on the oak floor of his porch back home.I saw all this to coment the men of 1/5 knowing they are men of character. My son and I have grieved together along with Bravo Co. and those who have lost one so dear to them……
    A Mother of an X Marine with 1/5 in Afghanistan.

    Comment by Mary Fullmer — Friday, September 4, 2009 9:34 pm @ 9:34 pm | Reply

    • Sgt. Cahir [corrected]

      Comment by Mary Fullmer — Friday, September 4, 2009 9:40 pm @ 9:40 pm | Reply

  2. If your son is now an ex-Marine, Ms. Fullmer, I trust that’s because he made it home safe and sound. Please extend my thanks to him for his service to our country.

    Comment by Lex — Friday, September 4, 2009 10:25 pm @ 10:25 pm | Reply

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