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Tuesday, July 30, 2002 5:17 pm

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I don’t often listen to morning radio because I seldom have time. That’s a good thing, because most of it in this market, as in most, is frat-boy fart jokes or twangin’ country.

But I stumbled into the middle of a conversation yesterday on Bob Lacey and Sheri Lynch’s morning show, which one of our stations carries, apparently about a possum that had been trapped underneath a caller’s bathtub.

Now, I guess you need to know that Sheri is from Philly or thereabouts and seems to have a sick fascination with some of the more salient features of life down here in the South. And sure enough, when the caller talked about this possum that apparently had been trapped under the tub in her house and had died, Sheri free-associated something along the lines of the following (if the verbatim exchange was anywhere on their Web site, I couldn’t find it):

So you’ve got this John Wayne Gacy thing going on, and here’s this poor possum’s family getting together and saying, “Yeah, I remember ol’ Uncle Jack. He was trapped under that tub, scratching for mercy…. ”

OK, like I said, sick, but, hey, I enjoyed it.


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