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Friday, September 13, 2002 11:37 am

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And, continuing in the bad-news arena, Johnny Unitas died Wednesday. He was my favorite football quarterback when I was a kid, the guy I always tried to watch on Sundays even before I understood a helluva lot about football. Indeed, the more I learned about football — and I didn’t learn a whole lot until after Unitas had retired — the more I respected what he accomplished and the way he did it: focus, perception, determination, icy calm, unyielding toughness.

There are a lot of Unitas stories, but my favorite comes from Bubba Smith, who played defensive end for Unitas’ Baltimore Colts teams before going on to movie stardom in the “Police Academy” series: “A guy broke through the line, hit him, pushed his head in the ground. He called the same play, let the guy come through and broke his nose with the football. I said, ‘That’s my hero.’ ”

Mine, too. God rest him.

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