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Friday, October 11, 2002 4:24 pm

I forgot to mention the biggest news of the week

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According to Tuesday’s editions of The Wall Street Journal (article not available online), SpongeBob SquarePants is gay!

My mother brought this story to my attention because my daughter is hugely into SpongeBob. She watches the show. (So do I, both to explain some of the jokes she doesn’t get and because its creator throws a crumb or two for the grownups into each episode. Bless him.) She has a SpongeBob t-shirt she sleeps in like a nightgown. She has a SpongeBob jumper, made by Granny out of SpongeBob fabric. She has a SpongeBob book bag. She even has SpongeBob bedroom slippers. Her birthday party this past summer was a SpongeBob party, complete with SpongeBob tablecloth, SpongeBob temporary tattoos and even a SpongeBob cake.

So SpongeBob is gay? I’m kinda surprised, really. I mean, I just thought he was, like, 12 or something.

Now, his friend Squidward, on the other hand … aging bachelor, prissy/grumpy demeanor, art on the walls, track lighting …


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