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Monday, October 28, 2002 4:28 pm

From the mouths of babes …

Filed under: Hooper — Lex @ 4:28 pm

A few samples from my son’s ever-increasing vocabulary:

  • “Zebatook.” (“Zebra truck,” a zebra-striped SUV pictured in one of his books)
  • “Deh dizz.” (“There it is.”)
  • “No, daddy!” (Used whenever I’m doing something, like eating breakfast, that doesn’t involve hoisting him in my arms and playing face games with him.)
  • “Dipe!” (“Kind and loving father, would you be so kind as to replace the soiled undergarment I currently wear with a pristine undergarment of like description? I should be ever so grateful.”)
  • “I stinky!” (Same as above.)
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