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Monday, December 2, 2002 11:53 am

Hope you had a good Thanksgiving

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We did, albeit a busy one. We had Ann’s mom and our friends Mark and Margaret and their daughters Eleanor and Audrey staying with us from Wednesday to Sunday, and our friends Susan and Herb and their daughters Abigail and Camille spent most of Thanksgiving Day with us as well. So instead of two kids in the house, we had four to six pretty much all weekend. Oddly enough, after an initial adjustment period, I pretty much didn’t notice the additional noise.

The meal was awesome — Ann’s turkey, ham and shrimp; our friends’ veggies and Ann’s mom’s desserts, which included — count ’em, chocolate chocolate cake, applesauce cake, bourbon pecan pie and … well, I forget the fourth one. I never got much past the chocolate chocolate cake.

Friday, of course, was the Shopping Day, so I stayed home with the kids while all the other adults shopped. They pretty much entertained themselves, although not for periods so extended taht I was able to get any actual work done around the house. Later that afternoon, Mark, Eleanor, Victoria and I went to see “Santa Clause 2,” which was fun for the kids — Victoria wants to see it again — and not terribly tedious for the grownups. (Slight spoiler: A couple of lines of dialogue might give your older, quicker toddlers the idea that there’s no such thing as Santa Claus, so go at your own risk.) My favorite part was finding out at the end that the Sandman was played by Michael Dorn, perhaps best known as the guy who plays Lt. Cdr. Worf in the “Star Trek: Next Gen” series.

Saturday was more shopping, along with eating a bunch of leftovers. And on Sunday, I even got to watch the first and fourth quarters of the Panthers’ win over the Cleveland Browns (more on which anon). So it was a fine weekend, not even marred by the fact that I had a dentist appointment this morning: no cavities. Woohoo!

Last night Ann asked Victoria what she thought the best part of the weekend was. Wednesday night, she said, because she hadn’t known Granny was going to be there then, and she came home from school and there Granny was!

Granny, of course, found that her favorite part of the weekend as well.


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