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Wednesday, December 11, 2002 11:01 am

Just in case you’re thinking about writing a book …

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… be aware that the experience could be fatal, at least according to still-breathing author Anne Lamott. In her first column for since mid-1999, when she left to write her most recent book, she has this to say about Michiko Kakutani, a New York Times book critic:

I secretly believe that if Michiko Kakutani likes your work, it means you are a real writer, and you will be happy and wealthy and stable forever. The one little problem with Michiko, though, is that if she doesn’t like your book, she will kill you — cut your head off with a surgical knife, and play hacky-sack with it until she grows bored.

Then, maybe in the last paragraph, she’ll pour acid on it.

The Times has not reviewed Lamott’s new book at this writing. That might be a good thing.


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