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Tuesday, December 31, 2002 3:37 pm

Best and worst make-out cars

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Apparently a pseudonymous, and somewhat, um, enthusiastic blonde in Nebraska has offered her assessments. Because her assessments appeared to have a helluva lot more to do with who was driving the cars than the cars themselves, I’ll spare you the link and just give you her list.

The Best
1. Cadillac stretch limo
2. Buick Skylark convertible
3. Mercedes
4. Trans Am
5. Camaro

The Worst
5. MG Midget
4. VW Jetta
3. Volvo
2. Any pickup truck
1. Any van

As a parent and as the owner of both a van and a Volvo, I’m delighted to see our familial transportation ranking so low in this floozy’s esteem. And as the former owner of a Buick Skylark (1975 model, which I think was about as big as they ever got, except maybe for the ’72s), albeit not a convertible, I can say, without elaboration, that on this point, at least, said floozy knows whereof she speaks.

That said, I think this list leaves much to be desired, and I invite your comments.


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