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Wednesday, January 8, 2003 4:14 pm

Naming names

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OK, one tiny postscript to the holidays: Hooper has gotten very good at naming the names of relatives, even those he doesn’t see all that often. But there was one glaring exception: Ann’s sister Kaye, whom Hooper insisted on addressing as “Miss.”

This appeared to derive from the fact that Kaye was the one placing food in front of Hooper more than anyone else, but the question arose: Where did he learn to address waitresses as “Miss?” (I call ’em “ma’am.”) After some discussion, we figured that he had learned it from watching big sister playing waitress, during which she addresses imaginary customers as “Miss.”

After a while, of course, it became a joke for him. He’d correctly name every other relative, including our niece’s fiance, but would call Kaye “Miss” and then grin.


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