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Friday, January 10, 2003 3:38 pm

Place this

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TV and movie producers have been putting “product placement” into their shows for years — visuals or dialogue that refer to a particular product, in return for which the maker of that product pays the producers some money. I don’t know if it’s the most egregious example, but the one that has stuck in my mind was in “Back to the Future,” when Michael J. Fox, returned to 1955, asks a soda jerk for a “Pepsi Free” (for younger readers, a low-calorie variation of Pepsi that, I think, died a quick and, IMHO, deserved death soon after its introduction), to which the soda jerk says something to the effect of, no, he has to pay for it.

Now that TiVo and the cue/review buttons on VCRs have made it possible to avoid sitting through TV commercials, TV producers and advertisers are hatching a new plot: a commercial-free variety show with references to the product integrated into the show.

Amish Tech Support has written a speculative script. Now, granted, it’s R-rated, but if I ran a network I’d be totally producing this puppy and putting it on the air.


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