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Thursday, January 16, 2003 11:11 am

Stupid parent tricks

Filed under: Why, yes, I AM a bad parent. Why do you ask? — Lex @ 11:11 am

Here, sweetie, let me put a couple of pillows under your head so you can sleep better.

How will that make me sleep better?

It might keep you from coughing so much.

Why am I coughing?

Because you have congestion in your sinuses, and some of it is running down the back of your throat while you sleep and making you cough.

How is it getting down the back of my throat?

Because there’s kind of a tunnel from the back of your nose back down to your throat, and that’s where the goop goes. In fact, I could run a string into your nose and back through that tunnel into your throat and then back out of your mouth.

Really? Or are you kidding?


Can you do it now? Please, Daddy? PleasepleasePLEASE?

Uh, no, sweetie. When I said I could do it, I meant a doctor could do it. If he needed to. Which he probably wouldn’t.

Oh. (pause) Hmph. OK, well, goodnight, Daddy.

Goodnight, sweetie.

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