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Thursday, February 6, 2003 10:42 pm

“How hard do we have to cry before something hears?”

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I thought about all of them falling together, and I thought that, just maybe, all of them felt less afraid in the moment before their deaths. I thought that, just maybe, all of them thought, “It feels like flying,” and I thought that maybe it did feel like flying at that moment, that it could have, that all of them felt weightless and light at the end instead of scared, that maybe I could have children of my own one day and teach them that running towards things with their arms out and believing in those things is the only way to live.

Another meditation on the Columbia disaster, this from the always reliable Sars, who knows a thing or two about disasters.

Victoria and I have had a conversation or two about Columbia, but I’m still processing them and may or may not post one.


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