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Monday, March 10, 2003 1:32 pm

Heavy metal lite

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Michele at A Small Victory does a bit of moonlighting here to suggest that we may be the first generation in history whose music is harder (as in harder-rockin’) than that of both our parents and our kids, a meme she credits to Henry Rollins, the poet/writer and former front man for Black Flag.

It pains me to see how soft our children have become. The Metallica generation is finally having their own kids and what happens? A surge of boy bands, blonde pop singers and punk posers take control of the airwaves. Our kids are swooning over this stuff.

Well, my kids are too young to have formed any impressions, but I’ve done my best to introduce them to the music of their people, i.e., Elvis Costello, the Ramones, Misfits, the aforementioned Black Flag, and so on. I have no idea whether any of it is taking. We’ve had better luck indoctrinating them into the cult of the Carolina Panthers: Whenever I point to any of the (numerous) Panther logos in the house and shout, “Hooper, what’s that?” he says, “Panther!” and when I say, “What do Panthers say?” he gleefully raises two hands (well, usually; sometimes only one) and shouts, “Touchdown!”


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