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Saturday, April 12, 2003 1:06 pm

My? first? novel

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I’ve tried not to do anything too self-consciously “bloggy” with this site (i.e., anything either too self-referential or too navel-gazing with respect to the phenomenon of blogging), but this was too weird to pass up:

I’ve been invited to join a group of bloggers who are serially writing a novel.

Vectorgirl, who got the idea, calls it a “blogvel”; me, I’m looking for a better word than that, but hey. Anyway, she has the first installment on her blog, here.

Then CW has the next installment on Witt and Wisdom, here.

Then Julia will have the third installment on Tequila Mockingbird, here.

I’m after Julia. I’m not sure yet who’s after me, although VG is supposed to let me know. (If no one, I guess it rotates back to VG.)

This could be entertaining. Or, as Alannis says, it could get messy. Either way, it’s new and different.

Disclaimer: I know I said earlier that everything on this blog is true to the best of my knowledge and belief, even though it might not be the whole truth. That, of course, does not apply to those posts clearly labeled fiction, y’morons. Just so you know.


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