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Thursday, April 17, 2003 10:33 pm

Dinner conversation

Filed under: Why, yes, I AM a bad parent. Why do you ask? — Lex @ 10:33 pm

VICTORIA’S FRIEND K.: What are you doing?

ME: Squeezing a lime into my beer.

K: Why?

ME: Because it tastes good. Ask your dad.

K: I think it tastes yucky.

ME: That’s OK, sweetie. You can go on thinking that right up until you turn 21. Maybe longer.

K: Are you 21?

ME: Oh, yeah. In fact, I’ve been 21 twice. And I’m working on my third time.

K: How old are you?

ME: I’m 43.

K: That’s old.

ME: That’s older than dirt.

K: You’re older than dirt?

ME: Ayep. Now eat your chicken fingers.

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