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Wednesday, April 23, 2003 12:25 pm

A bit of Blog on the Run housekeeping

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See the nifty, Blogrolling-powered list of links to the left? Notice that at any given time, several of the links are followed by the icon, indicating that they’ve been updated within the past two hours. For that to happen, whoever writes the blog has to manually or automatically “ping,” or send a signal to, to indicate that he/she has just changed the blog.

If you’re not automatically doing that — some blogging tools, such as Radio UserLand and Manila, automatically ping when a user updates his blog, but others, such as Blogger, do not — you can ping manually by bookmarking this page and then refreshing and submitting it after you’ve updated your blog. It will check to make sure your blog has indeed changed and then it will report that fact to my site (and everyone else’s who uses to manage their blog links). Two caveats: 1) If your blog hasn’t changed, won’t report a change. 2) You can only ping once every 5 minutes or else will ignore your second and any subsequent pings.

One other housekeeping note regarding the blog links: I’m still experimenting (in my, um, vast spare time) with’s free service, so I’m not sure yet whether I can bundle the links into related groups as I did manually until recently. If so, I will. (A couple of you have requested that.)

Send any other suggestions to the e-mail link to the left, or leave a comment below. Thanks!

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