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Thursday, April 24, 2003 7:01 am

Warning: blasphemy alert!

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I don’t IM (instant-message) very much, but even when I do, I seldom — and more’s the pity, that — have chat sessions such as this one between Julia (the “me” in the transcript) and her friend CW:

me: i was all set to fly down to atlanta and just show up at m’s dinner party and surprise you guys, but then i realized that it’s this saturday, which is the day before easter, so that hosed that.

cw: bummer. i hate it when religious holidays interfere with social gatherings.

me: me, too. i mean, way to rise again on the third day and screw up my plans to fly down to atlanta and surprise my friends. nice job with that.

cw: absolutely. you’d think they would have planned better. you know, that they would have seen that type of scheduling conflict coming.

me: no doubt. i mean, so much for all that omniscient stuff. omniscient my ass.

Now you see why Julia gets invited to contribute to all the kewl blogvels.

Well, that and exchanges like this with her mother:

… remember that time grandpa died?”

“yes, honey, as a matter of fact, i do remember that one time grandpa died. now, quit stalling.”

“well, i wrote about how i spilled him in the volare and you swept him up in the dust buster.”

“holy s—!* you did not write that! you did not tell anyone about that! total strangers know about that?! oh my god, oh my god. i can’t believe you told people about that!”

*My editing, not hers.

Now, my family has known about this blog pretty much from Day 1. I mean, who the hell else would read it, right? So that just automatically rules out even the possibility of exchanges like this.

For me, anyway. Now, go read and enjoy.


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