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Wednesday, April 9, 2003 7:15 am

What kind of evil am I? The good kind, apparently.

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Scenes from the breakfast table

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HOOPER: Knock-knock.

REST OF FAMILY: Who’s there?

H (as if suddenly realizing the truth): I don’t know.

ROF: (laughs out loud)

H: What? What?

Monday, April 7, 2003 9:22 pm

Winning hearts and minds

I peruse some of the usual leftie and rightie hangouts in Blogworld most days. Most of the blogging these days is about the war, and most of what is blogged on all these sites, irrespective of political philosophy, is worthless (or, as it’s often called in Blogworld, “bloviating”) — rehashed rhetoric, as rigid in its ideology as it is uninformed by any original reporting or even thought, and written so poorly one wonders about the sobriety and/or sanity of the writers.

But I recently stumbled across two pieces from opposite ends of the current political spectrum. Both, though flawed, appear to have been written out of sincere love and concern for our country. One is far more sweeping in its geography, history and emotions than the other, but that’s less important than the fact that despite their near-polar opposite political viewpoints, both, unlike most of the other stuff I read about the war, seemed informed by something more than a desire to mouth the party line.

And both, for different reasons, moved me. I figure that’s worth sharing.

From the pro-war side, Bill Whittle, publisher of Eject! Eject! Eject!, offers a lengthy but engrossing essay on the small factors and decisions on which history can turn and some of the factors and decisions he thinks led us here and where they might lead us in the future. (Some of what he recounts about Little Round Top I recollect from Michael Shaara’s “The Killer Angels,” but I suspect he has read and researched far more broadly and deeply than that.)

From the anti-war side, Alex Lencicki, proprietor of BrokenType, posts a letter from his dad, John, an American infantryman during the waning days of World War II in Europe. It’s much shorter, much simpler, but, in its own way, just as good. (If you read the piece and want more background on John Lenciki, go to and read the entry just after this one.)

Two pieces of crystal-clear signal from a universe full of noise. Enjoy ’em.

If Fox News had been present at various historic events …

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… our friends at can pretty much tell you how things would have looked. Caution: page might take a while to load.

An honest day’s work, cont.

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After church and lunch yesterday, brought Hooper home while Ann, V. and Granny went shopping. Got him down for his nap, then swapped out the light fixtures in the bathroom. The new ones are kind of retro cool, with this Aztec thing going.

By then, the ladies had returned, so I went out and mowed the lawn. New mower is both faster and quieter than the old one, but when it’s set to mulch and there are a bunch of dead leaves in the yard, a mask is a must. After that, I got weed ‘n’ feed down on the lawn, just five hours ahead of the rain that is expected to last into Friday. Well, at least the reservoirs will be full here at Drought Central.

Hooper moves up to a new class at day care today, but he visited all last week and did fine, so we’re not worried about it. However, he’s been even more of a 2-year-old than usual this week and has taken more trips to time-out this weekend than he had in any one month up to this point. He’s so charming, even in his rebellion, that one hates to do that sort of thing. But, being a responsible parent, one must. Hell, if charm alone could get you through life, I’d be set. :-)

Saturday, April 5, 2003 5:14 pm

An honest day’s work

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I think it was Stephen King, writing in his novella “Rita Hayworth and the Shawshank Redemption,” who likened to a benediction the first swallow of a cold beer after a long, hard day’s work. He got it exactly right.

After breakfast this morning I took Hooper to Little Gym, and if anything, I worked even harder than he did. (He enjoys Little Gym but he’s not one to follow the leader.) After bringing him home, I spent an uplifting couple of hours with a box cutter getting the old caulk out of our shower. (We’re repainting the bathroom and installing new light fixtures.) After a quick bite, I took Victoria to a birthday party, then returned home to put the new lawn mower together. With any luck, I can get the lawn mowed tomorrow and get weed ‘n’ feed down in the front yard before the rain returns. After finishing with the mower, I got this blog moved to its new home. Then I popped the top on a cold one.

I don’t drink nearly as much as I used to, for reasons of age, habit, sleep routine and health, but the reduction in consumption has dramatically increased per-unit enjoyment. Also, if I only have a beer once in a great while, there’s just really no excuse to drink cheap beer anymore, now, is there?

Now, my benediction complete, I’m going to grab a shower. And then Hooper and I are going out to shoot some hoops.


Is this thing on?

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I’ve just moved the blog. Let’s see if everything’s working right, shall we?

Friday, April 4, 2003 8:02 pm

Well, of course

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OK, sweetie, keep your eyes open. Maybe we’ll see that hawk we saw on Sunday.

There it is! There it is!


Right there in that tree!


Right there! He’s holding a sign!

Sweetie, hawks can’t hold signs. They don’t have hands.

Oh. [pause] Well, it’s hanging from a collar around his neck.

Sweetie, he’s a wild hawk. He’s not wearing a collar.

Does ‘wild’ mean he’s going to bite us?

Oh, no, sweetie. It just means he’s not a pet so he doesn’t wear a collar.


So there’s no sign around his neck.


And there’s no hawk in that tree.

Daddy, it was a pretend hawk!

Thursday, April 3, 2003 10:40 pm


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Just when I was averaging up over five visitors a day, my ISP is changing the URL for my personal Web space, which means the URL for this blog will be changing, too. I’d love to say I was just getting my own domain, but that’s not in the cards. (Well, in fact, I have a domain but no place to host it, and I can’t afford even nominal hosting fees on top of what I’m already paying for Internet.) I’ll try to give you plenty of notice on the move and set up a redirect, but cross your fingers. In the meantime, my e-mail address already has changed, and that’s reflected in the column to the left.

Thanks for your patience. I’ve about used up mine.

More overheard snatches of conversation I’d just as soon not hear any more of …

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“They would have back-to-school specials: three bottles of Boone’s Farm for $5.”

Overheard snatches of conversation I’d just as soon not hear any more of …

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” … the snake was flopping around on the windshield … “

Peter Arnett and Peter Boyle: Separated at Birth?

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So suggests Vodkapundit, although I tend to agree with Bill Dennis that the comparison is an insult to Boyle, IMHO one of our classiest actors.

Advice for new bloggers/diarists/webjournal writers/whatever

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People like me tell you what they want you to know about blogging. But people like BeerMary tell you the truth.

Wednesday, April 2, 2003 7:28 pm

“Bubba knew everything there was to know about programmin’ languages.”

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On the small chance that my readership contains a geek or two, here’s a hilarious (well, to me) dialogue from Blogatelle and her co-workers: What It Would be Like if Forrest Gump Ran a Hosting Service.

HTML 101a?

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Could some kind soul please tell me what an RSS feed is and why I would want this blog to have one?


A dissenting view

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Also courtesy of Silflay Hraka, here’s a piece from a guy who says firing Doherty was a good thing, that his management style threatened to destroy everything Dean Smith et al. had spent 40 years building. I think that’s plausible but doubtful.

Tuesday, April 1, 2003 9:49 pm

I’m baaa-aaaaack!

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That was a charming little service interruption Blogger gave us, wasn’t it?

Well. Back to business.

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