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Sunday, May 11, 2003 10:09 pm

Southern culture

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Yeah, sweetie?

Why is that car parked by our house?

Because the [neighbors] are having an open house.


Because they’re selling their house like Herb and Susan are, except they’re moving out of town.


Well, Mr. [neighbor] teaches now at [a local institution of higher learning], but he has a new job, teaching at Clemson. And it’s an endowed professorship, which means it’s very hard to get and you have to be very good to get it.

Where’s Clemson?

Well, we drive past it on the interstate on the way to Atlanta. It’s about halfway between Charlotte and Atlanta. You remember when we’ve driven to Atlanta to see [friends]?

Oh, yeah! So the [neighbors] will get to see the Peachoid!

Uh … yeah, that’s right, sweetie. They’ll get to see the Peachoid.


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