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Tuesday, May 13, 2003 7:16 am


Filed under: Salute! — Lex @ 7:16 am

Jayson Blair doesn’t have it, but Mimi Smartypants does, particularly with this riff (scroll down to the “MORE TELEVISION STUFF” subhead) on lessons to be drawn from the experience of the guy who recently cut off his own arm to save himself: “[Mother Nature] is all, like, Listen, m———–, what exact part of ‘red in tooth and claw’ don’t you understand?”

She (Mimi, not Mother Nature) also points out that “being known as That Person Who Severed His Or Her Own Arm With A Pocketknife pretty much assures you of buckets and buckets of bad-ass cred until the end of time.” Ayup. Reminds me of San Francisco 49er defensive back Ronnie Lott, who once had the tip of one of his fingers amputated rather than undergoing surgery that would have caused him to miss a game. He had bad-ass cred, too. Still does, I think.

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