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Wednesday, May 7, 2003 8:41 am


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A church near my house — not my church but one I’ve visited and perfectly nice — has four little white, wooden crosses stuck into the ground on its property, two on each side of its two driveways (it occupies a corner lot). They were put there on Easter, and each is inscribed in black, “HE IS RISEN.”

Which would be very nice except that this is the South, and little white, wooden crosses by the side of the road typically mean something else: that this is the spot at which someone died in a wreck. Although that obviously is not what the church meant when it put those crosses there, this is not an implausible interpretation in this context because the two roads at the corner of which the church sits are busy city arteries (albeit not particularly dangerous). And it just gives me the willies somehow to drive home past these four crosses every day.

I’m not sure why. I covered a lot of traffic fatalities early in my career, and in my frequent travels — primarily south on I-85 to see grandparents or west on I-40 to the mountains — we probably pass a half-dozen crosses on each leg of the trip. I guess it’s just that these four are, quite literally, close to home.


But of course

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With Mother’s Day approaching, the kids at V and H’s day care were asked this week to say what was so special about their respective mothers. My three favorite responses:

  • V: “She says ‘I love you!’ a lot.”
  • H: “[She] plays fire truck [with me].”
  • H’s friend B: “YES!!”

Monday, May 5, 2003 5:57 pm

Poetry in motion, or, more ways to waste time

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Ever wondered what Blog on the Run would look like if it were poetry instead of prose? Yeah, me too, and now there’s a way we can get our answer: Rob’s Amazing Poem Generator. I fed it the Blog on the Run URL, and here’s what we got:

Blog on loyaltyIt
seems I
told you just make up:
on SantorumWilliam
column in my
three weeks at least, seems
to begin with.him? Well, in the HotorNot
script was brought
to announce that in an report
contains Doritos; and the whole
damn story so with
children:TO beach and 2 entry ,
who disagrees with Nancy
Nall May 2 etc. > Saturday, May 01,
PM by Lex Alexander
Can no WEAPONS ARE almost brainwashed that should
quit newspapers, buy a U.
S. military
a pompous, phony ass.

See, in art lies truth: Don’t can any weapons, and you’d have to be almost brainwashed to quit reading newspapers.

Saturday, May 3, 2003 8:48 pm

Important family news

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My cousin Lynn Margaret Vining-White had her first child, a girl, on Wednesday afternoon. 22 inches long; 9 lbs. 15 oz. I haven’t met Lynn’s husband, David, but he must be a load because nobody in our family makes babies that big.

Her name? Victoria Margaret White. Margaret after my and Lynn’s grandmother. Victoria after the baby’s second cousin — my daughter.

Lynn, you and David just rock.

Love to the three of you.

Friday, May 2, 2003 11:55 pm

Parallel universe

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Once upon a time, a girl named Kerry and a boy named J were in love. And then, recently, Kerry and J broke up. They loved each other. At least, Kerry says they did and I have no particular reason to doubt her. But her ambition and his inertia created a friction the relationship couldn’t survive, and so it didn’t.

I don’t know Kerry or J, of course, except through Kerry’s blog, although they live, or lived, only about an hour away and quite close to two of my three sibs. But I’ve read and enjoyed Kerry’s blog for months, and I’ve been pulling for her from a distance while she works toward making some of her dreams real.

I don’t know Julia of Tequila Mockingbird, either. But I started reading her blog because she’s one of my co-authors on the as-yet-untitled blogvel, and I liked it so much that I went back to the beginning of the archives and started reading forward. And as I did, I found this post, in which Julia met J in real life and had dinner with him. I’ll let her tell the part that got to me:

but, when j talks about kerry, he’s not just a funny guy…he’s different.

whether he knows it or not, his eyes sparkle just a little bit more. his smile is just a little bit bigger. and, as much as i had a great time with j, and as much as i’d really love to meet kerry … listening to him talk, i realized that i’d really love to meet kerry and j.

But she never will, because not three weeks after that post, kerry and j broke up.

And that just struck me as sad.

Part of it is that it’s late at night and my wife and daughter are at the beach and I miss them and my son, who’s delightful company when he’s awake, is sleeping soundly. Part of it is that although I don’t personally know any of the people in this story, the blogs they write are so developed and complete in voice that I feel as if I do (even though I know that’s a common — and potentially dangerous — misconception in the Blogiverse). And part of it is that it’s a story so universal that it doesn’t matter whether I know the participants or not: At some point in my life I have played each of the roles in this story, and so have most other adults. And part of it is that the story, the situation, is yet another illustration of the fact that sometimes even the best of intentions aren’t enough.

Fine food

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I’m gustatorially, if not financially, as able to enjoy a fine dip made with crab meat and wasabi-ginger tartar sauce, or a grilled salmon filet with white-wine/lemon/butter/capers beurre blanc, as is the next guy. But I was pretty much broke for the first 15 years after I left home so I learned to enjoy other things, too. So I’m with Nancy Nall (May 2 entry), who bears a certain grudge against food snobs, particularly food snobs with children:

I probably wouldn’t feel this way if I hadn’t made the mistake of selecting “Fanny at Chez Panisse” one day at the library, a book ostensibly written by Alice Waters’ daughter, Fanny, who (Alice claims) has never eaten a Big Mac in her life. In the book, Fanny expresses her enthusiasm for such entrees as halibut in grape leaves. As the French say, Bitez moi. I had one of the most memorable meals of my life at Chez Panisse, I grant Alice Waters all the mad props she has coming to her on the course of her brilliant career, but when she starts in on kids and food and her “eating is a political act” speech I have to tune her out or go insane. Life contains Doritos; deal.

Indeed, I would argue, life would be much poorer without Doritos, and they’re not paying me a dime to say that.

Thursday, May 1, 2003 6:19 pm

A phone is a phone is a …

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A number of things have been bothering me about the newer cell phones for a couple of years now. I’ve had a random thought here and there about it but haven’t thought too much about it, primarily because my phone does what I need it to do, it has the capability of doing a little more in emergencies, and I don’t use it all that much to begin with.

But Witt and Wisdom has nailed the phone on the head, so to speak. (Permalinks aren’t working; see May 1 entry headlined “Hello? It’s For You … “) His commentary is R-rated … and hilarious.

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