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Thursday, June 5, 2003 7:29 am

Pardon our mess

Filed under: Housekeeping — Lex @ 7:29 am

I’m experimenting with installing Haloscan comments to see whether I (or you) like that system better than the one I’ve been using. Obviously, it’s making the page look a bit disorganized at the moment. Sorry.

UPDATE: I’ve gone ahead and switched to Haloscan, primarily because BlogOut, nice as it was, didn’t allow me to administer comments, and although its creator promises to add that service, he couldn’t say when it could happen. It’s not that I want to censor comments that disagree with me or anything, but I’m trying to keep the page up to a certain level of decorum because my daughter will begin reading it shortly. So I want at least the option of deleting messages. (Well, says the peanut gallery, if you’d wanted to keep up a certain level of decorum, you wouldn’t have run the CNN home page through Tha Snoop Dog Shizzolater, now, would you? Point conceded. But anyway.) The only downside to the change is that all previous comments are now lost forever. But y’all are a hardy lot; I’m sure you’ll get over it.


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