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Monday, June 16, 2003 8:11 pm

The Kate Winslet theory

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I haven’t blogged much about the proposed Atlantic Coast Conference expansion, primarily because I don’t care nearly as much about the ACC as a conference as I do about some of its member schools.

For what it’s worth — i.e., nothing — I think expansion is probably both inevitable and a good thing, but I don’t buy the logic behind annexing Miami while ignoring Virginia Tech. Nothing I can put my finger on other than a few tangible and intangible factors — Tech’s geographic proximity and natural rivalry with UVa, costs for other league members of traveling to VT vs. Miami, Miami’s undersupervised, overly arrested, NCAA-death-penalty-deservin’ football team — but I haven’t been thrilled about this, um, attraction the ACC seems to have toward Miami. Yeah, it’s a big TV market and all, but really — what does it add?

Well, not only does flesh out my reservations about Miami’s joining the ACC, it also posits the the Kate Winslet theory as an explanation for the ACC’s attraction to Miami. And that makes at least as much sense as any other explanation I’ve heard. (Thanks to Ed Cone for the link.)


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