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Thursday, June 26, 2003 7:03 am

Ahhhh ……

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Last night was one of those nights that reminds me why I never stay gone long from North Carolina, for love or money. It was warm but not too warm, humid but not too humid, buggy but with fireflies well outnumbering mosquitos.

Mom and Jerry were in town on business and staying with us, so we had dinner out on the deck — grilled-chicken Caesar salad, roasted vegetables, couscous, fresh fruit, honey-wheat bread from Great Harvest, and a liter and a half of chardonnay, with homemade lemon pound cake with ice cream and/or whipped cream (the only “lite” thing on the menu) for dessert. Afterward, the grownups sat at the table and talked and drank wine while H. and V. played. Then V. came, new baseball glove on, and asked me to play catch with her, so I did.

Catching a thrown baseball is not intuitive, and the natural athletic talent in our families is pretty attenuated, but by the time we stopped, she at least was getting her glove ON the ball most of the time it came anywhere near her. Her throwing was much better. After she’d warmed up, I never had to move more than one of my feet to catch her throws, and toward the end they were coming in consistently about waist-high and with a little mustard on ’em.

When I went in to put H. to bed, V. stayed outside with Jerry taking my place. After I’d come back downstairs, V. came running inside, shouting, “Daddy! I CAUGHT ONE!”


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