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Monday, July 28, 2003 9:22 pm

How time flies

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Today was V.’s first day of kindergarten. Sniff.

She was up so late last night with nervous anticipation that she had a lot of trouble waking up this morning. But about 10 minutes before time to leave, she perked up quite a bit and posed willingly for several photos, including one side shot that showed her backpack to be roughly twice as thick, front to back, as she is.

Ann took her to school while I wrestled with Hooper. But I got to go have lunch with her, and she was glad to see me. She also was incredibly tired. Good thing they still have naps, or rest period, in kindergarten.

V. is a bright, empathetic kid with good people skills, so I’m reasonably confident that she’ll do well in school academically and personally. But all parents worry, and I’m no different.

All parents also tend to think that time accelerates once the kids come along. Just yesterday I was holding her in my arms for the first time, staring into those amazing violet eyes (which have since refined themselves to a deep blue) and weeping with joy and relief at the sight of her. Five years. Naturally, she tries to behave “older,” choosing her clothing and even her beverages according to what she thinks is most teenager-ish. (This has its good points: We’ve got her convinced that teens drink bottled water and only little kids drink carbonated beverages. Of course, at this age she also believes me when I tell her that the “25” on gumball machines means you have to be 25 to use one.) This morning I idly speculated on what would be happening in her life at multiples of this age:

  • Age 10: Entering fifth grade. Already interested in boys. Already stopped thinking Dad is cool. Might not even be talking to Dad anymore.
  • Age 15: Entering 10th grade. Probably already dangling several broken boy hearts from her belt. Talking to Dad for the sole purpose of obtaining illegal on-road driving experience because all her friends are going to be getting their licenses soon and she won’t be getting hers for another year. (I will feel her pain, although I will not acquiesce to her request, because I got my license after all my friends got theirs NOT because of an accident of birth but because of an atrocity of academic scheduling, my bitterness at which has not abated more than a quarter-century after the fact.)
  • Age 20: Entering junior year of college. Still not legally allowed to drink, thank God. And Daddy so does not want to go where her relationship(s) with boys might be at this point.

I couldn’t bear to take this exercise any further. Still, it’s a happy day, a celebration. She celebrated tonight by getting Daddy to grill her hot dogs for dinner and then playing volleyball with the neighbor kids while Mommy, Daddy and the neighbor kids’ mom drank wine and ate ice cream on the deck. Life really is good sometimes.


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