Blog on the Run: Reloaded

Monday, August 4, 2003 8:54 pm


Filed under: Housekeeping — Lex @ 8:54 pm

A couple of items:

  • Haloscan was down for a bit earlier this evening, which, in addition to making my comments temporarily disappear, also slowed this page’s load time because its button in the sidebar was refusing to load. This is the first such problem I’ve noticed since switching to Haloscan.
  • Speaking of comments … for the first time in this blog’s existence, I zapped a couple in a recent post. One of them used the f-bomb, but the real reason was that two commenters who, so far as I know, don’t know one another in real life, looked as if they were threatening to get into a pissing contest in my comments section, which is not what that feature is for.
  • My blogroll is a bit shorter: I zapped those that have gone on hiatus or on to Blog Heaven.

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