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Sunday, August 10, 2003 7:44 pm

Posthumous fame

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My friend Jim Rosenberg’s dad, Marty, died recently. Ann and I went to the funeral, even though we’d never met Marty — we know Jim, and who Jim is probably tells us everything that was important, and good, about Marty. Indeed, the overriding theme of the tributes paid to Marty at the funeral was his devotion to his family and how that informed his frequent comment, “How we spend our days is how we spend our years.” I got the sense that for Marty, a bad day with the family beat a good day anywhere else, and God knows there are far worse ways to live.

Soon after the funeral, Jim created a posthumous, online tribute to his dad: a collection of doodles his dad had executed while sitting in any number of interminable meetings. Jim, his kids and Marty’s other grandkids apparently have curated the collection, and you can see it now at The Marty Rosenberg Online Museum of Doodles. And you thought you knew how to survive interminable meetings with style ….

Totally unrelated note: I sympathized with the large numbers of people, including some of my fellow members of First Presbyterian, who had hoped years ago that Temple Emanuel would stay downtown, across the street from us, rather than building a new sanctuary at a less central site. But, having been to the new sanctuary for Marty Rosenberg’s funeral, I now have to say: Wow! What a beautiful building.

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