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Wednesday, August 13, 2003 10:03 pm

Random acts of cuteness and parental glamour

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Victoria: Daddy, are you going to the store?

Me: Yep. You need anything?

Victoria: We’re out of tomato soup. Can you get some?

Me: Sure.

Victoria: Can you get the four cans in one thing?

Me: Package, you mean? OK.

Victoria: If they don’t got packages, get three or four lonely cans.

* * *I was home for a while with Hooper today — he’s recovering from a particularly bad sinus/ear infection — when he decided he needed to go poop.

This is good, deciding he needs to go poop. No complaints about that. Problem is, he’s still deciding this after pooping in his diaper.

When I catch up with him, he has completely disrobed in the bathroom and is preparing to hop up on the toilet.

“Daddy,” he says, completely unnecessarily, “I nekkid!”

Unfortunately, I am unable to catch him before he hops, and slides, up into position. Eww.

“I go poop,” he announces.

“Past tense, kid,” I reply.

“Hey,” he says after a couple of minutes, “I pass gas!”


“I pass gas again!”

He slides — Eww, again — and hops off the pot, then turns around and looks into the bowl.


“Yeah, buddy?”

“Where da gas go?”

“Good question, buddy. In fact, what makes you think it’s left?”

He shrugs. I begin cleaning him, and the bathroom, up.

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