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Monday, August 18, 2003 6:44 pm

(Insert your own tacky, or, worse, punny headline here using the words “archibishop” and “comes.” Go on — you know you want to.)

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All the bishops of the Anglican Communion will be gathering in England, at their parishioners’ expense, to discuss what to do about the fact that its American section, the Episcopal Church, has confirmed as a bishop a non-celibate gay man. Colbert King suggests that they’ve got more important things to worry about and that, for consistency’s sake, they also ought to worry about two other things:

  • The fact that Prince Charles, currently shacking up with longtime girlfriend Camilla Parker Bowles without benefit of clergy in violation of church teachings, will one day become, in addition to the king, the supreme governor of the Church of England (and, thus, the Anglican Communion).
  • The fact that many African archbishops continue to tolerate the polygamy of many of their parishioners.

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