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Tuesday, August 19, 2003 7:05 pm


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Friend: See this? They’re gonna make blonde jokes illegal in Bosnia.

Me: The hell?

Friend: That’s what it says.

Me: You sure this isn’t an urban legend?

Friend: Dunno.

Me: OK, questions: Who defines “blonde”? At what point does “honey-colored” shade over into “dark blond”?

Friend: Good question.

Me: Also, does the law cover all blondes, regardless of provenance, or does it distinguish between natural blondes and bottle blondes? If the latter, how does one prove one is a natural blonde?

Friend: Dunno. But your analytical mind has stumbled upon an interesting element of proof in any such lawsuit — one full of all sort of possibilities for Court TV.

Me: Yeah, well, I’m detail-oriented like that.

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