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Sunday, September 7, 2003 9:20 pm

Another fine mind ruined by popular culture

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So I’m in church this morning and our senior pastor, Sid, whom I like a lot, is giving a fine sermon about vision, derived from Jesus’ healing of the blind man and intended to point out that vision, like blindness, comes in many forms. He goes on from that to talk about his vision for our church — one, by the way, with which I wholeheartedly agree — that it transform itself from an institution to a movement.

So, from where I’m sitting, if you’ll forgive the football metaphors since its Opening Day, Sid has called a good play, he’s got momentum and an open field in my head, the goal line is in sight, he’s headed nonstop to the land of six, and then …

… he starts talking about how, when he wanted to start improving his golf game, he started using a mantra. And with his juxtaposition of the words “golf” and “mantra,” immediately, all I can hear in my head is, “Be the ball.”

Sorry, Sid. And don’t even ask me why I won’t go see Wagnerian opera; the answer has to do with a certain wascally wabbit.

[2007 UPDATE: This might have been the first time something like this happened, but it wouldn’t be the last.]

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