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Sunday, September 21, 2003 8:20 pm


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I got to V.’s game on Saturday just before the first quarter ended, and just as I arrived, the Tigers scored.

It was a good omen, as it turned out — the Tigers won 9-3, making them 1-2 on the season. The opponent wasn’t quite as good as last week’s, but the Tigers had gotten dramatically better individually and collectively.

That they had was mainly thanks to the drills through which their coach put them Friday evening. It was a good practice — so good, in fact, that V. and the coach’s daughter prevailed on the coach to stay late and work with them on shooting for another 20 minutes or so. And when the Tigers came out on Saturday, they were hungry.

They all were running faster, running to the ball more quickly, cutting off passing lanes better and pulling the ball back sooner, harder and with more confidence. One of V.’s teammates, O., made a spectacular pullback that prevented an opponent’s shot from scoring.

And in the fourth quarter, V. found herself with the ball, unopposed, perhaps 8 feet from the opponents’ goal. She didn’t hesitate, and she netted it dead center.

Officially, of course, no score is kept in the under-6 league, and Ann and I try never to talk about the score and always to talk about only having fun and getting better. But there was no fooling V. on Saturday. “Daddy,” she said to me afterward, “you know that if this was a real game, we’d have won.”

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