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Monday, September 22, 2003 5:40 pm

Sonic boom trill

Filed under: Weird — Lex @ 5:40 pm

We had a fire drill at work today, as we do every few weeks. Only today I learned that they’ve added a new wrinkle. In addition to the ear-splitting clanging of old-fashioned iron alarm bells, we also are now serenaded by a whistle. Think referee whistle, only think of it as being blown by one of the larger demons, one with infinite lung capacity/volume and nothing better to do for the next few centuries.

We evacuated, but it’s my personal opinion that we’re fortunate that we weren’t all reduced to quivering masses of protoplasm, limbs jerking spasmodically as we lay on the floor, blood trickling from every orifice north of the neck.

Which beats burning to death, but still.

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