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Wednesday, October 8, 2003 9:50 am

F****** A!

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The Federal Communications Commission has OK’d the use of the F-bomb in radio and TV broadcasts as long as the context is neither sexual nor excretory (ew!).

Specifically, the FCC declined to sanction broadcasting licensees (some over-the-air TV stations) against which complaints were filed for airing the Jan. 19 Golden Globe Awards broadcast in which U2’s lead singer, Bono, said, “This is really, really f****** brilliant” and/or “This is f****** great.” In context, the commission ruled Friday, such usages do not rise, or sink, to the level of constitutionally unprotected obscene or indecent speech as defined in the U.S. Code and relevant court rulings.

Regular users of the F-bomb and its variants, of course, have long known that sexual/excretory contexts represent only a small segment of the vast spectrum of possible uses of the word. It and its variants can serve as six of the eight English parts of speech; as a verb, it can be both transitive and intransitive. It is one of the most reliable, flexible and dependable word of the many millions in the language, and I’m delighted to see not only that the FCC recognizes that fact but that it also drew a fine and careful line between safeguarding public morality and safeguarding constitutional freedoms.

Folks, for all its problems, this is still the greatest country on Earth.

FOOTNOTE (which I can’t highlight with asterisks because of all the asterisks above): So, if it’s OK to use, why am I not using it? Because I don’t want this site to show up in Google searches for porn, primarily.


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