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Friday, October 10, 2003 10:34 pm

Overly proud papa, or, There’s something different about those women

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With Ann and V. up in Virginia overnight, I took Hooper to dinner at Rock-Ola with Herb, Susan and the girls. At an adjacent table were a dozen or so female students from one of our local high schools, apparently enjoying a nice pregame meal before tonight’s game against their school’s crosstown archrival.

The girls were all wearing matching yellow T-shirts with hand-made inscriptions extolling the virtues of their school. None had dates (In fact, the only guy was sitting at the end of the table, and he looked so out of place I figured he had to be either gay or someone’s younger brother. ), and they were all cute enough that I figured their datelessness had to be intentional, that they were some kind of group — perhaps the cheerleaders or pep squad or whatever they call those things nowadays.

Then I noticed something. Hooper was making eyes at them and generally being his usual charming self … but although they were making eye contact with him, they weren’t reacting.

I discussed this with a friend later this evening. He thought the girls must have been gay. I, however, know several lesbians whom Hooper has charmed effortlessly, so I’m more inclined to think they had to have been space aliens.


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