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Tuesday, November 11, 2003 10:58 am

Tubes and wires

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I went back Sunday night to the sleep lab, this time for them to “titrate” me, or figure out what kind of air pressure I’d need to have forced into my airway by a mask to straighten out my sleep apnea.

(I vaguely recall the term “titration” from high-school chemistry and am not sure how it applies in this instance, unless perhaps it relates to how much oxygen I’m taking in while I sleep. Anyway.)

This involved another three dozen or so EEG/EKG leads’ being taped to various parts of my body, usually with some sort of adhesive/conducting goo involved. Then they put a mask on me, started up the pump, and told me to go to sleep. The deal was, they’d let me sleep until I had an episode of apnea, pump up the pressure to clear my airway, and repeat as needed until I had no more episodes.

The mask covered my nose (but only my nose) and was even easier to get used to than scuba headgear; from a breathing standpoint I had pretty much adjusted to it within three minutes.

I felt like I lay there awake all night, but apparently I didn’t. Because when I woke up Monday morning and asked the lab tech whether I’d slept any better this time than I had last time, she laughed and said, “OH, yeah.” The only thing left was to wash that conducting goo off my face and out of my hair, which took almost 20 minutes.

Next stop: Review the results w/my doctor, get fitted for a mask and start sleeping better, I hope.


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