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Monday, November 17, 2003 6:28 pm

Just win, baby

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Panthers 20, Redskins 17

Once again, the Panthers let an opponent back into the game in the fourth quarter. But once again, the offense pulls them out in the last few minutes. And with the Cowboys’ loss to the Patriots last night, the Panthers are alone atop the NFC with an 8-2 record. We know what that means, but we shall not speak of it, lest we jinx the team.

UPDATE: As I’ve told Redskins fans Oliver Willis and Beau, I freely concede that on Stephen Davis’ final touchdown run, the ball never broke the plane, although I think a molecule of ball nuzzled up to the plane all romancey-like.

However, let’s remember, kids: Davis was down at that point because his forward progress had been stopped. The Redskin slapping the ball out of his hands at that point looked flashy for TV, but it still would’ve been Panthers’ ball, third down and goal from the 1-molecule line. And let’s face it: The odds would’ve been much better than even that, given two tries from the 1-molecule line, Davis would’ve punched it in anyway.

So the Redskins might have been robbed of a down, but even if they’d gotten it back, they still probably would’ve lost the game.

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