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Thursday, November 20, 2003 8:33 pm

The Truth Laid Bare Bear [That’s really the blog’s name. Honest.], or, We Are All Paris Hilton Now

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N.Z. Bear has some thoughts on heiress/socialite/amateur pornographer Paris Hilton’s recent video romp:

But observing Ms. Hilton (no, not observing her doing that, but more generally) makes me wonder about a personality so in need of attention from others. She yearns for the spotlight; for the eyes of the world to focus on her for a moment, and, if possible, longer. She seeks notice wherever she can find it; basking in the radiance of strangers’ gazes and thoughts. Where once, we can assume, she sought such attention a source of approval, a validation of her own worth, now, the notice itself has become the end. Positive or negative; embarrassing or flattering, whatever keeps her in the spotlight is by definition good.

She almost acts like a blogger.

How different, really, is the desire of Ms. Hilton to be noticed — to see her name in the tabloids, to have her visage streaming into our living rooms — from the desire of a blogger to be heard? To get that big link from [Instapundit] or [Andrew Sullivan], to see their blog sit atop the Ecosystem?

Not very, I submit.

He’s right. I mean, except for the part where I’m a middle-aged guy, and dressed, and not having sex with someone else’s on-again, off-again husband, and not putting video of myself of any kind in someone else’s hands where it might end up on the Internet, why, anyone could mistake me for Paris Hilton.

Except, of course, that I am not rich.

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