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Saturday, January 17, 2004 2:27 pm

More boys at play

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My stepdad loves his new robotic vacuum cleaner. How much? I’ll let him tell you:

Her name is SWEEPY (like the dwarf Sleepy) and she is beautiful….unashamed in her nakedness as she works tirelessly, even freeing herself from under cabinets when she gets stuck (she simply jacks up her rear end and backs out). Occasionally she obsesses with dust under a dresser and won’t come out for a while, but eventually she marches across the room again, lights blinking with satisfaction and dust trailing from her body. She stops short of flinging herself down the stairs–even though if her mood darkens, I can see her attempting to end her life of drudgery this way. Her maker endowed her with a “beaming device” which you can locate at will to tell her to “stay in her own room” (like an invisible fence, though that would be an insult to her integrity).Occasionally she misses a spot — but, alas, so do I — even when I have a full charge. (she found and picked up my deliberately strewn cereal). And yes, sometimes she appears to have no pattern to her work, but so do I. She ends her work with a satisfying little tune as she shuts down. She even utters a little electronic “uh-oh” if she encounters a higher than usual rug that she can’t navigate. She is a doll, a piece of work.

She may be serious competition for “Maids Unlimited” if I can teach her to swab toilets.

Oh. Kay.


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