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Monday, January 19, 2004 7:43 pm

Scenes from a Family Dinner, or Why we don’t eat out much

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Scene 1: The Artist’s Way

Dramatis Personae: Daddy, Victoria

Victoria: Daddy, look at this!

Daddy: Wow, sweetie, that’s pretty! It looks like a snowflake!

Victoria: It is! See, I folded the paper up like this. Then I cut it like this. And this. And this. And this. And this.

Daddy: Well, it sure turned out nicely.

Victoria: Yeah. But I had to give up a lot of playtime to do this.

Daddy: Well, sweetie, everyone has to suffer for their art.

Victoria: (sighs) Yeah, I know.

* * *

Scene 2

Dramatis personae: Victoria, Hooper, Daddy, Mommy

Victoria: I’m all done!

Hooper: I’m all done!

Victoria: I want a treat!

Hooper: I want a treat!

Victoria: Right now!

Hooper: Right now!

Daddy: Hooper, there are some things Big Sissie does that probably are not worthy of emulation.

(Victoria’s south end emits rude noises and exudes foul vapors. A choking miasma fills the kitchen. Mommy turns purple and collapses.)

Daddy: Well, like that, for instance.

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