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Wednesday, February 25, 2004 8:52 pm

Truth and consequences

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Did you have fun going bowling, sweetie?

No, Daddy. I’m a little sad.

Sad? Why are you sad?

Because my friend G. was mean to me.

Really? What did she do?

We were only supposed to go three times, but she went four, and when I told Mrs. K., she said she wasn’t going to be my friend anymore.

Oh. I see. Well, that doesn’t feel too good, does it?


Well, sometimes when you tattle on someone, that’s what happens. And sometimes you have to decide whether it’s more important to tattle or to stay friendly with someone. Some things aren’t worth tattling about. But some are.

Was this?

Yeah, I think it was. Because the school paid for y’all to go bowling, and they probably only paid enough money for everyone to go three times. So if G. went four times, that was kind of like stealing.

And that’s wrong.

Yes it is. You did the right thing telling Mrs. K., sweetie, and I am very proud of you.

But G. was mean to me.

Yeah. Sometimes that happens. What probably happened was that she was embarrassed, and she was mad at herself, so when she was being mean to you it probably was because she was really mad at herself.

That makes me sad.

I know.

How do you know?

Because that happened to me sometimes when I was a kid. And because sometimes I did things and people tattled on me and I got in trouble and I got mad at the people who tattled.

Oh. But I’m also mad. Because Mrs. K. didn’t DO anything.

Well, you don’t know that, sweetie. She might have sent a note home to G.’s parents or called them. Besides, the point isn’t whether she does anything about it or not. Sometimes, telling is just the right thing to do whether or not anything happens.

How do you know?

Because that’s part of my job, sweetie. Sometimes I have to write stories for the newspaper that tell people that something bad is happening, and I have to do that even though some people might get mad at me and nothing might get done about it.


But you know what? You had a very important choice to make today, and you made the right choice. And I am very, very proud of you. Does that make you feel a little better?


Good. I’m glad. I love you, sweetie.

I love you, Daddy.

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