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Sunday, February 29, 2004 11:38 am

Farewell, terrible twos?

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Hooper turned 3 yesterday and celebrated with a large Thomas the Tank Engine party. (Props to Harris-Teeter for a very nice job on the Thomas cake.) In addition to some cousins, grandparents, aunts and uncles, he was joined by about a dozen of his day-care classmates, plus a few of their sibs. Considering he had had little sleep Friday night and not much of a nap Saturday morning, he was in reasonably good shape — not so much fussy as a bit clingy. He slept with Mommy and Daddy last night and seemed in a much better mood this morning. (Daddy, however, slept barely at all once he came to bed; mad props to Mommy for letting him sleep in.)

What was the coolest gift he got? From his standpoint, it was a police rescue truck. From my standpoint, it was a collapsible clothes hamper shaped like a rocket ship.

He’s a vibrant, vivacious, inquisitive 3-year-old. He talks very well, although he jumps so quickly from subject to subject, with so little context, that if you don’t live with him you’ll often have no idea what he’s talking about. What’s particularly interesting to me, though, is that if you DO have the context, you’ll often grasp subtle connections between what would otherwise appear to be randomly consecutive subjects. His little but growing brain is indeed following logical paths rather than logical leaps. It’s just that some of the paths aren’t especially well marked if you’re not from the neighborhood, so to speak.

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