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Friday, March 5, 2004 8:25 pm

Roar of the tiger

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Victoria’s soccer team, the Tigers, opened their spring season with a resounding 6-3 win over the Ladybugs. (The actual opening game was supposed to have been last Saturday, but it got snowed out.)

The Tigers all appeared to have grown over the winter (Victoria now might or might not be the smallest team member), but they also seemed a little rusty in their dribbling, shooting and ballhawking instincts. That, combined with the opponents’ skill, made it a closer game than the score would indicate.

V’s skills appeared to have atrophied over the winter even more than her teammates’ — she didn’t make any major mistakes, but neither was she executing the kind of crisp passes and quick defensive moves she had learned by the end of the fall season. Early in the second quarter, another player stepped down hard on her right foot (accidentally), and her speed suffered for the rest of the game, although her attitude did not.

It poured all morning and past noon, but by the 3 p.m. game time, the sun was out. The field was in excellent shape — those Bryan Park upper fields drain very nicely. It was very windy, and Hooper got a little chilly on the sideline, but I thought it was a nearly perfect day for a win.

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