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Sunday, March 14, 2004 7:36 pm

Hooper’s life of crime …

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… is off to an inauspicious start.


What, Daddy?

Did you get into Daddy’s Doritos?

No, Daddy!

C’mere. [sniffs] You did, too. You smell like Doritos.

No, I don’t! My tummy smells like cookies!

So you were in the cookies, too?

Um …

Kid, I catch people lying for a living. Don’t lie to Daddy again.

I won’t.

Good. Now who got into the grated cheese in the fridge?


Uh, no, buddy, Sissy couldn’t because Sissy’s over at [a friend]’s house.

No treat tonight.


Look, you’ve already had — how many cookies?

One. Two. Fee. Four. ‘nother. ‘nother. ‘nother …

Yeah, that’s what I thought.

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