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Sunday, March 14, 2004 11:53 am

Taking it out of her

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The Tigers lost 4-3 to the Groovy Girls Saturday, and given how much faster the GGs were, the Tigers did well to keep the score so close.

We got there just as the game was starting, so V. sat for the first quarter. As the teams lined up for kickoff, she said, “They’re small.” And so they were, but boy, could they run. They scored almost immediately.

Victoria scored a goal in the third quarter. A teammate had sent the ball well into GG territory, and the entire pack loped off in pursuit. V. started toward the back of the pack, but by the time the pack got to the ball, it was her little orange-clad leg in front, kicking it straight in from about 10 feet out.

She played the second, third and most of the fourth quarter because the Tigers were short one player (who was at Disney World, so don’t feel bad for her). Afterward, rather than asking if I’d seen her score, she said, “Boy, scoring that goal took a lot out of me.”

It must have. She pretty much passed out as I read to her at bedtime from “The Phantom Tollbooth,” not the most soporific of novels.

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