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Saturday, March 20, 2004 5:40 pm


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The good news: Hooper has decided that peeing or pooping in his pants is a bad thing.

The bad news: He has decided that it is such a bad thing that any alternative will do.

Friday afternoon, Ann took him with her to a consignment sale at an area church that I will not name because I presume Ann might like to go back to their consignment sale again sometime in her life. Hooper was being “good as gold,” she reported later, sitting quietly on the floor and playing with one of his toys. Next thing she knows, he’s announcing, “Mommy! I’ve gotta poop!” Which wouldn’t have been so bad except that he had dropped trou and was perched atop one of the clean potties being offered for sale.

Disaster was averted there, but later in the day she was not quite so lucky. As she and Hooper pull up to the house, she encounters a friend of ours. The two of them get to talking, so Hooper goes on inside the gate to play basketball … or so Ann assumes. Next thing she knows, he has peed and pooped … on our back deck. But, you know, she hadn’t unlocked the back door yet, and what’s a little guy to do?

He repeated that Saturday morning while I was doing laundry and he was — I thought — out playing on the swing set. He heard nature’s call and tried to heed it but ran out of time, he said.


I think it was Rita Rudner who said that the problem with guys and bathrooms is that they’re just not very … specific. And she was talking about grown-ups.

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