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Sunday, March 28, 2004 8:29 pm

Getting tigered up

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Big soccer weekend for V — her team not only had to play its regular game Saturday, it also had to make up a game on Sunday that had been snowed out in the season’s first weekend. Yeah, you read that right. Snowed out. In North Carolina.

Saturday’s game was against the Dominoes, who were bigger, stronger, faster and rougher. They led by as much as 4-1 before the Tigers got tigered up late in the second half. Victoria scored the tying goal with 1 minute left on a spectacular play (well, spectacular for a 5-year-old who only started playing the game in September), outdribbling a pair of defenders and launching a perfectly angled kick from far to the right of the goal that just kissed the far post before hitting the net.

Unfortunately, the Dominoes got two breakaway goals in the last minute to account for the final margin.

This afternoon’s game was against the team with the best name in the league, the Mini Mias. And there was nothing mini about them, particularly the two Amazonian blondes who took the field in the second and fourth quarters (the third member of that trio was Victoria’s friend A. from church choir). Another Tiger’s dad joked about asking to see their birth certificates. At least I think he was joking. He wasn’t smiling.

They, too, were bigger, stronger, faster and rougher (one girl cleared out with her left arm in a way that would’ve gotten five fouls in a hurry in an ACC basketball game), and they ran to a 5-2 lead.

But they also made the mistake of bringing the Tigers up to their level of play. Well, not quite, but darned close: The Tigers made up in speed what they lacked in dribbling and passing skill, and Victoria and her teammate O. each scored twice in route to a tied 5-5 final. (One of the Tigers’ goals came an own-goal from one of the Mini Mias, but still.) The coach’s daughter didn’t score but made at least two goal-saving defensive plays, as did another Tiger, A. Coach and I both shook our heads at the outcome; I’d figured they were going to beat us by at least four.

Victoria, who can have very tender feelings sometimes, told me afterward, “Daddy, one of those girls kicked me in the leg and it hurt and it made me sad and I wanted to come out of the game, but I just kept playing because I wanted to win.” I’m going to count that as a lesson learned.

Here’s the funny part: Neither regular coach can be here next week because of a Boy Scout camping trip and a new baby, respectively. So I, who last played soccer more than 30 years ago, will be coaching Friday’s practice and next Saturday’s game. Any and all tips appreciated.

Stay tuned; this ought to be entertaining.

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