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Wednesday, August 11, 2004 9:32 pm

Among friends

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Friend1: Y’all hear about Mike Wallace?

Friend2: Saw something about it in the paper this morning. What, he got arrested?

F1: Yeah. For disorderly conduct.

F2: I’m not surprised. Damn liberal journalists.

Me: Hey, now!

F1: Now, I might be wrong here, but I’ve got to ask: Just how disorderly can an 86-year-old man get?

F2: Well, I don’t know. You get ’em likkered up good and anything could happen. Like Helen Thomas piledriving an airport security officer.

F1: Or that 102-year-old woman the paper wrote about the other day who has an ounce of bourbon at lunch and dinner every day but says if she’s looking forward to it too much, she skips it. What if she looks forward to it a lot and decides she’s not only not gonna skip it, she’s gonna have bourbon for dessert, huh?

F2: Could get ugly.

F1: She’d be all out in the street with the neck broken off a bottle of Jim Beam, like, “You want some of this?”

F2: Rioting centenarians. Like we don’t have enough problems around here.

Me: You guys are weird.


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