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Thursday, August 26, 2004 8:39 pm

Dinnertime with Hooper

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Me: Hooper, c’mon, we’ve got to go home and get some supper.

Hooper: What we having for supper?

Me: Kielbasa!*

Hooper: I don’t want kielbasa!

Me (after recovering from brief moment of speechlessness): You don’t? Um, OK, well, how ’bout spaghetti?

Hooper: No!

Me: Hamburger?

Hooper: No!

Me: Hot dog?

Hooper: No!

Me: How ’bout mud pies?

Hooper: N– … OK!

Me: OK! Mud pies for dinner, then! Yucky!

Hooper: No, Daddy! Not the mud. Just the pie!

*Laugh if you like, but thanks to my Polish ex-boss in New York, I can eat a lot o’ kielbasa … and Hooper can eat more than I can.


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