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Thursday, September 9, 2004 10:02 pm

Guns don’t shoot people, puppies shoot people

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A man who said he was shooting puppies for whom he could not find a home was shot in the wrist when one of two puppies he was holding as he aimed at others put its paw on the gun’s trigger.

UPDATE: I acknowledge that my friend and fellow blogger Mr. Sun used the same line with respect to this news item and that he posted hours before I did. I deny plagiarism, however; some punch lines are just so obvious that they occur even to humor-impaired bloggers like me. (OK, Google only has one hit as of 10:09 p.m. Eastern, and it’s not me or Mr. Sun, but try that same link in a day or two.) The difference? Mr. Sun has the luxury of blogging (on his personal blog) at work. I have to wait until it’s 10 p.m. and the kids are in bed.

Of course, I am happy to acknowledge that Mr. Sun is my blogging superior, and just for grins, I’ll give you the line he thought of that I didn’t, just to give it (slightly) wider exposure: “I apologize for not including a ‘from my cold, dead paws!’ reference. It won’t happen again.”


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